About NEB

National Equivalence Board Examination (NEB).—(1) The
Council shall at least twice a year as per schedule approved by the Council
conduct the NEB to assess and oversee the assessment of the knowledge, clinical
skills and professional attributes of students who have partially completed a
medical and dental program in a foreign institution and are seeking transfer to
and admission in a medical or dental college in Pakistan. The NEB shall be
substantially based on objective computer based multiple choice questions.
(2) Any student who has been enrolled by a medical or dental
institution or college outside Pakistan and has completed more than two years of
the program may seek transfer and admission to a medical or dental college in
Pakistan subject to qualifying the relevant standard of the NEB for the prescribed
period of each program of study pursuant to which the student shall be qualified
to obtain admission in the immediately subsequent year.
(3) A student shall be required to take the NEB within twelve months
of having left his program of study outside Pakistan i