Logical Reasoning Free Trial Every Option Explained


Q 01: All children are silly people. Some silly people are rich people. All rich people are big shots. Which of the following conclusions are NECESSARILY TRUE?   (Question Id: 930001)

I: Some silly people are children

II: Some rich people are children

III: Some silly people are big shots


Q 02: Read the following and choose the correct answer:

"X, Y, and Z are three whole numbers less than 31 but greater than 23. X is a prime number. Y is the largest odd number smaller than 35. Z is the smallest even number?"  (Question Id: 930002)


Q 03: Observe the pattern and select the next term in the sequence: SSSSS, SSRSS, SRQRS, RQPQR:     (Question Id: 910001)


Q 04: Read the following statement, assuming everything in it to be true. Then decide which of the given suggested courses of action logically follow and are worth pursuing:  (Question Id: 940001)

Statement: Your toddler drops and breaks a glass by genuine accident.

Courses of Action:

  1. Yell at them to be more careful with things made out of glass.
  2. Punish them to make sure they remember to be extra careful next time.


Q 05: Read the following statements and identify the best cause and effect relation.  (Question Id: 950001)

  1. State P started providing multiple rehabilitation schemes, like free education, job search help, and help groups for addicts, etc. over the past year.
  2. Crime rates for State P have steadily decreased over the past year.

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