Membership Of Royal College Of Physician Examinations are conducted by Royal College Of Physicians UK which is the post graduate diploma in field of medicine.

MRCP has three parts which include part 1 written,part 2 written and part 2 clinical (PACES).

HMI offers coaching for MRCP part 1 & part 2 written.

Part 1

Membership of Royal College of Physician Part 1 examination is conducted by Royal College Of Physicians U.K. which is the first exam to pass in order to progress to achieve MRCP diploma.

Like other Exam HMI holds 100% success rate in MRCP-1 examination.Duration of preparation of course is 4-5 months.

Part 2 Written

After passing MRCP-1, candidate can appear whether in MRCP part II written or Part II (Viva) PACES.

HMI offers thorough preparation for MRCP part II written in 3-4 months.